• Turquoise & Silver Dream Catcher Necklace


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    Decorative Feathers! This eye catching silver-tone & faux turquoise necklace comes on a 17"L with a 1.5"L extender rope chain. The pendant is 4"L x 1.75"W. 

    Most dream catchers on the market today only have a few stones, but this beautiful item does not hold back. 

      Dream Catchers

    Traditionally, Native American dream catchers were only a few inches in diameter and it would be finished with a feather hanging from the webbing. Wrapping the frame in leather would be pretty common too as another finishing touch.

    Natives believed the night air was filled with good and bad dreams. The legend of the Dream Catcher is that it captures the bad Spirits and filters them. Protecting us from evil and letting through only the good dreams.   It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch bad spirit dreams in the web and disappear by perishing with the first light of the morning sun.

    The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center and float down the sacred feather.

    Dream Catchers are believed to bless the "sleeping ones" with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives. It is how many people remember lessons in our community and get their visions.

     It is said that when you get a good night sleep you can remember when the spirit has talked to you. 

    Source: http://www.dancingtoeaglespiritsociety.org/dreamcatcher.php